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Case Study: P&H Car Sales Website

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"To have a clean/fresh looking site that has a slideshow of current cars, a featured car of the month on the front page and a stock list with all cars. All cars require multiple photos and site/stock content should be able to be updated by the owner including uploading/automatic resizing of photos."

This is a good example of a database driven site where the owner has full control and can update it themselves when required. We also added an RSS feed of the stock to enable other national car websites to display their stock and customers to keep up to date with any new vehicles added along with email/hosting as standard.

Customer feedback:

"As a small firm cost was paramount and Stretch Solutions provided us with a professional site/image so we can compete with larger garages in the area. Without these sort of facilities we would not be in the position we are in today. Thankyou"

Website Address/URL: (Quality Used & Second Hand Cars, Plymouth)

Case Study: Tre Pol Pen Bed & Breakfast

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"We are looking to change our current hosting/developer and would like to keep the site design but have some new features/pages and possibly improve our search engine placement."

As the site had not been looked at for a few years it was neccessary to convert/recode it to a more browser friendly website which can now be read even by mobile devices. We added an interactive calendar for bookings that can be easily updated along with the other pages via a CMS, adding a Google map, improved gallery features and contact form. The result was apparent within a few weeks with the site jumping from page 10 in searches to page 2 and will no doubt be improved yet further as time passes. To also help understand visitor information an analytics/stats package was also added.

Customer feedback:

"We are so pleased that Stretch Solutions took on our website. We are now confident in what we are trying to achieve and are already seeing the benefits."

Website Address/URL: (St Ives Bed & Breakfast, Cornwall)

Case Study: Classic Beauty Therapy

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"A website and logo to provide a professional image with the facility for an individual voucher scheme via email, a downloadable brochure, a competition page (to compliment an ad campaign) a gallery on the front page to show of my work. I also require both a name along with email/hosting. "

We took the time to explore domain names with our customer, along with colour schemes to provide the right image/feel. A customised 'filmstrip' gallery and a 'flash' intro also help the feel of the site with the content/coding enabling the site to progress well up the search engine rankings and hopefully with some quality links exchanged will see further improvements. The voucher scheme has proved popular and involves 'water marking' an image with an id to prevent fraudulent use.

Customer feedback:

"We love the design and classy feel of the site which complimented our services."

Website Address/URL: (Beauty Services in Telford & Shropshire)

Case Study: Wrekin Gliding Club

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"A clean/fresh website with a members area with a private calendar for our events and news. We also would like a public news area, a gallery and general club information/contact for prospective members."

Now a highly successful club, the calendar and news pages can be updated by the club and keep the site supplied with new/fresh content for both existing and visitors/prospective members. We also supplied a demo logo which the club opted to keep and also provided an RSS weather feed from the BBC. Further development has seen the addition of YouTube™ videos. Although not a requirement we managed a front page Google placement for search terms.

Customer feedback:

"Within a few months we had recuouperated our costs for the website from new membership sign ups from the site and has helped the club regain a professional image."

Website Address/URL: (Shropshire & Telford Gliding Club)

Case Study: Theatre Club

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"A private area where we can have a calendar to help coordinate our rehearsals, news and a gallery to share information/images. A logo would be good too!"

Similar to the gliding club, the calendar and news pages can be updated by the club so indivduals can see when and where rehearsals are taking place etc. We also desinged their logo/front page splash screen as it is a private website with members requiring the URL to visit.

Customer feedback:

"We never envisaged a site as useful and professional as this for the budget we had."

Website Address/URL:
N/A - Private URL

Case Study: Tiger Bowl Chinese Takeaway

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"A website that can allow users to order takeaway online, download menus and be flexible enough to add more takeaways in different locations time progressed"

Utilising the takeaway online ordering system we teamed up to provide a splash front page to allow users from the different towns, that Tiger Bowl takeaways are located in, and link to each online ordering service with seamless integration and maintaining a colour/theme.

Customer feedback:

"We have a lot of succes with the online ordering via the website and it gives us a professional look which gives our customers confidence to use our service."

Website Address/URL: (Telford Chinese Takeaway)

Case Study: New Dil Raj Indian Restauraunt & Takeaway

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"A website to ensure we are first Indian restaurant customers think of with table booking, takeaway online ordering, gallery, feedback, special offers and option for music!."

We provided a strong image based website with their favourite colours and again utilised the takeaway online ordering system where orders are sent to their fax machine and table bookings sent to the owners mobile directly from the website. Menu, customer feedback and offers can all be updated buy the owner and to date it is No1 on Google for its search terms.

Customer feedback:

"All our customers comment that they like the site and find it useful that they can order online. We are the No1 on Google for our search terms in Telford and brings us a lot of business."

Website Address/URL: (Telford Indian Restaurant and Takeaway)

Case Study: AAC Car and Scrap Recovery

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"Gain a web prescence, and as out on the road most of the day, be notified of any new enquiries from the site. We also require an updateable area where we can add car spare parts to when we dismantle cars. "

Here we provided a clean/bright website and send text messages to the owner when customer request information from the site. The updateable area allows cars/car parts to be offered/sold online and hopefully the owner will begin utilising this in 2009 when they move to new premises.

Customer feedback:

"We are extremely happy with the site and it is good know that I can now get business even though I am out of office all day."

Website Address/URL: (Telford Car Breakdown, Recovery and Scrap Collection)

Case Study: Ocean Balloons Party Decoration

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"A initial clean/fresh website that can be expanded upon as our business grows. A logo and the colours of the site are important to us."

Initially just creating the logo we were also able to provide a complete service to create the website incorporating their required colours. The site has ben designed with much expansion in 2009 in mind.

Customer feedback:

"We love the site design/logo which is a powerful tool to break into this business sector and hope to expand it as the business grows."

Website Address/URL: (Balloon Decoration for Parties & Events in Cornwall)

Case Study: Chocolate Shack

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"A cost effective site that can be updated by us to reflect our changing stock and an online ordering system."

We recommended the online ordering system as the best economic solution to their needs and the complete site can be updated as and when the owner requires. We then provided hosting/email and also designed their logo for them. Currently 1st page on Google™ for their search phrases.

Customer feedback:

"We love the logo, have a good position on Google and has managed to keep our costs down."

Website Address/URL: (Traditional Chocolate & Sweets in Telford)

Case Study: Private UK Team

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"To allow separate teams based throughout the UK a central point of contact to enable visibility of each others work and tasking."

The private website we built enabled 5 teams the ability to take control of a shared planning tool via a locking/upload facility, a forum to leave messages and even a chat room for discussion. Work sheets and task documents were also made available online with automated reporting, in Word™ format, also enabled to cut down on time/cost.

Customer feedback:

"This website has streamlined our business, given the workforce focus and freed them from tedious report writing which is now automated."

Website Address/URL:
N/A - Private URL

Case Study: Fancy A Bite To Eat

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"To povide a public portal/search facility for local restaurants and takeaways with online ordering, table booking and downloadable menus. Individual takeaways should be able to have the ability for their own 'site' and be able to accept/send orders via fax/mobile or browser/email, take online payment along with being able to update all their own content."

This website has it all, a searchable database of hundreds of takeaways/restaurants with images, menus and offers being displayed. Customers can order takeaway online via secure interface (SSL) and business owners can receive orders via their fax machines/mobile so no computer equipment is required at the premises although orders can be viewed live through the browser as they occur or via email also. Individual business owners can update and publish their menu, offers and other information as and when required.

Customer feedback:

"As one of our associated businesses we are constantly requiring updates and provision of fresh ideas which Stretch Solutions has in abundance."

Website Address/URL: (Online Takeaway Ordering and Local Restaurants)

Case Study: Reynolds Family History

Customer Brief/Primary Objectives:

"To make my existing basic site more visible to search engines, reorganise the information to make it easier to read and make my database available for searching online eventually. "

This website uses a template to provide a 'historical/old' theme for such content and recommended a professional domain name to gain better search engine results . JQuery was used to make the information more accessible/easier to read along with the photos. Google Docs was also used to enable the customer to share/update his working documents amongst users along with his database being online shortly to enable users to browse through hundreds of church records. As it has only been recently submitted to Google we will await the results of its position.

Customer feedback:

"I always hoped I would find someone to get my work online so other people could find it one day."

Website Address/URL: (Reynolds Family History and Ancestry in Essex)

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